The CLEAN business

Our company was formed at the end of 1998 and is specialized for daily and global cleaning of several types of buildings.

Due to our professional and business experiences we’ve developed our policy that is thoroughly evaluate our clients’ needs and fulfill their requirements by their set deadline.We’ve developed longterm business relations, their basis are the fairness, reliability, and flexibility.

Doing our job we always devote great care to the safe-keeping of the customer’s values and we warrant it in our contract, as well.We settle our contract’s terms always together with our clients taking all their special requests into consideration.Our main goal is to develop a fair and longterm business relation and its basis are settled in our contract, too.

We use environmentally safe detergents that are adjusted to the quality of the surface and to the type of the stain. We’ve several types of modern cleaning machines, used if necessary. The cost of the detergents and machines are included in our prices.

We employ a responsible and qualified manager to coordinate and control our team at every places we work. He has permanent contact with our clients and available at any time when required. His professional knowledge is warranted by several qualifications:

  • International Certification of Buildings’ Cleaner
  • International Certification of Cleaning Manager
  • OKJ31 7899 03 cleaning education background

Our team consists of reliable and qualified workers, being their employer we take all the responsibilities of them. It is essential for us to develop our professional knowledge and to have more and more qualified workers. We’re making permanent effort to be updated and to use the last achievements of the buildings’ cleaning technologies.

We are accepting:

  • Global and daily cleaning of offices and of the whole office block
  • Global and daily cleaning of family houses
  • Cleanings of block’s stairways
  • Casual cleaning after buildings’ contruction
  • Carpet cleaning